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Awesome Am Snow results / Atten Rob

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Rob I have some really neat results comparing the big three at the shootout but it wont let me attach the file. I will email it to you and if there is anyway to get it on could you post thanks.
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ther're are several typos in the amsnow #s. The 900 6.3 should be 7.3 and some of the 600s (rev and prox) are duplicate #s.Amsnow will proof and repost on wednesday.....6.3 in 660 haha look at the #s you know thats not right!! :lol:

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Originally posted by Davey_Boy@Dec 8 2002, 12:33 AM
those results are pretty accurate, the rev 800's are fast! tody i was racing 2 and one was quite a bit fster than the other, but i still beat it same with the zr 900 i beat it and he beat me a few times.
Don't forget, they are also 100cc bigger!

I think we got one heck of a runner here boys!
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