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I hope this is allowed here, and if not, someone feel free to remove it- Here is the latest trail report for the County.

DATE: January 3, 2007

Greetings from Aroostook County.........

OK........let’s get down and.....well stumpy !!! Apparently Mother Nature has not been listening.....as she has delivered teasing snow only. For the diehards............you can get a few places but not without picking your way around and over stumps........the good news is that it will give you a greater appreciation for good groomed trails !

If you wish to try it... you can pick your way from Portage up ITS 85 to Fort Kent however you will run into plowed road and logging operations between Portage and Eagle Lake probably through January. Fort Kent did go down to Carter Brook and it isn’t bad but........you will need to use caution.

From Fort Kent you can travel west to St. Francis and then on to Allagash however you will need to pick your way carefully from St. Francis through to Allagash. From Allagash you could travel to Escourt Station however they haven’t been out with the groomer yet........if it cools down they will try to run it but snow cover remains marginal. And remember that there are restrictions at Escourt so keep reading !!

The down side is the weather is looking to be unusually warm but Aroostook County ‘flurries’ are safely in the forecast......unfortunately so aren’t rain showers.

If you are having snowmobiling withdrawals and you want to head up the end of the week you should call ahead as the long range forecast may disrupt what little sledding is out there for the adventurous folks right now.

And if you are thinking of running lakes.......forget it because open water is pretty near as close as your next breath..........Portage does have their markings out and are boasting 10” of ice but sledders are advised to heed the warnings and stay off all water bodies........if you do venture out on Portage Lake......STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL.........

Also, remember that 99 percent of all trails run over private lands. To protect the landowners most clubs have to wait until they get out with their grooming equipment to mark trails as most landowners do not wish to have signage all over their property during the spring and summer. That means that if a trail has been rerouted this year you won’t know early in the season unless it was accessible and the clubs were able to get out and get some marking done.

Just a heads up for those folks taking out a group of friends early in the season so you don’t end up at a dead end or in some new homeowners yard.........we have some reroute information.

Rt. 100 in Limestone has a change this year. They had to pull their bridge on Rt 100 where it travels on the old Loring AFB. Now you will have to come out of the woods onto a travel way and use a vehicular bridge to cross the brook and then re-enter the trail. You will have to follow the signs.
Rt. 83A in Caribou has a change going toward the Aroostook River after you cross US Rt. 1. You will notice a change heading toward the powerline, please stay on the marked trail here.

Rt. 83B in Caribou which connects 83A to ITS 83 and ITS 90 has had a slight rerouteb...........for the locals.......after you cross the bridge heading north please stay on the reroute...........it is different and the trail crossing has changed on the Washburn Rd.

ITS 90 is closed between Rt 88 and Rt. 105 until further notice due to water problems and a logging operation. There will be an active logging operation this winter on 90 between Rt. 105 and the Rt. 61 intersection. This will include about 1.5 miles of plowed road. Ride right and watch for vehicles.

ITS 81 between Van Buren and Grand Isle has a reroute which bypasses an area which has had problems with beaver dams and bogs, the area is marked.

ITS 85 will have a few minor switches between Portage and Eagle Lake and near the Carter Brook area but it is marked so look for the signs. Also there will be active logging between Portage and Eagle Lake through January........please ride right and slow down.

We will post other notices as we received them. For now THINK SNOW !!!!!!!!!1111


Office hours: Canadian Custom

Monday to Thursday 9 to 5
Friday 7 to 3

Office hours: American Custom

Monday to Friday 6 to 9
Sat. 8 to 4

This will go until the Irving mill closes the 22nd of December, after this time the American Customs and Immigration will follow the Canadian Hours.

The American Port will possibly be closed Saturdays from Dec. 22nd to coordinate with the Canadian customs.

There will be strict enforcement of Crossing from both sides of the border and signs will be put up to instruct people that are passing through the area.

The return from Canada will be down the road to the extreme left going towards the American Customs and Please do not go for Gas then to the Customs as you will be in violation as far as entry is concerned. If gas is needed, go to American customs then on to the ITS back to the GAS station to stay legal. This is just a half of a mile back or less.
The Snow sled club from Escourt and Sully will mark the trail to the American Customs for the sleds.

If one goes for gas and plans on crossing the border for lunch or whatever and return , even if you leave your sled in the States , you must go down the road to the U.S. Customs to stay legal.

One should have no problem with the Canadian Customs as you do have to go by the Custom House both ways.

The GAZ BAR will be open the same time as both the Customs Ports are open.

If for any reason that several of you folks --like 6 or more are traveling to Canada on a weekend, you may make reservations with the Canadian Port officer Luc Leblanc and for a small fee to allow you to pass but that is a choice of Mr. Leblanc's and his time to do this for you. This fee goes to the Canadian Government and also a favor to the public.

You may also contact Mr. Benoit Morin on Weekends for gas before you get to Escourt and make arrangements to have gas for you and again you must be a group as he too is doing us a favor to open his station to the public.

Mr. Morin was taken by surprise somewhat last year when the new ITS was put in place and since has been able to get American money as he dealt only with the Canadian Public up to this time.
NO CREDIT CARDS other than a debit card as this is his only way of payment. He will have American money for exchange. CASH FOR GAS
Mr. Morin has only regular gas and will stock only a small amount of sled oil .


418-859-2180 Work
418-859-2835 Home
418-859-2714 GAZ-BAR Irving
418-867-7684 Pager
He is and can be very helpful as the Gas Bar goes but please call ahead of time so you can make arrangements.

If there is an accident and one must go to a Canadian Hospital and it is on a weekend or off time from custom hours--Do what you must but as soon as one can report to Customs and the Mounties ASAP or the Quebec Provincial Police as they do work together.
This is a must and for your protection.

Telephone for Guy Leblanc 418-859-2201/ FAX-418-859-1359
email [email protected]

If one wants to continue to Canada and register sleds one must go to the Hotel right at the border crossing and next to the Lake. This is the first place that one will come to as he goes under the Railroad bridge.
The owner is EricTardif
Telephone 877-661-1600
The Quebec registrations for sleds are sold at this Hotel.

For now, remember that in 2005 we had 36 inches of snow over a two day period between Christmas and New Year so don’t cancel those reservations yet !!!


For many folks, both locals and nonresidents, snowmobiling evolves around social gatherings and culinary delights. In winter, snowmobiling provides that front porch connection that those who choose to hibernate miss out on. Each week we will add to the list to help you with your planning. Stopping into a club meeting or potluck is really a treat........good food usually and great company.


International Snowmobile Festival......the first week in February sledders can participate in a wide array of snowmobile and of course eating events on both sides of the border. Madawaska, Maine and Edmunston, New Brunswick work together to put this collection of events and trail rides on. Log on to www.madawaska.org for more info.

Moosestompers Weekend....the Houlton area rolls out the white carpet for this fun weekend. Lots of games, rides and of course good food for all. The dates run the first weekend in February. Log on to www.greaterhoulton.org for more info.

Caribou Winter Carnival and Snowmobile Festival.....provides 10 days of activities for folks of all ages. Snowmobile during the day and then try some fun events in the evening. Lots of stuff for all family members. The events run from February 8-18. Log on to www.cariboumaine.net for updates.

Andy Santarre NASCAR Snowmobile Run....Sponsored by AMHC this event includes a whole day and evening of riding and entertainment. February 10 is the date. Log on to www.amhc.org for all the info on registratin.

Antique Sled Rides.....Every Sunday during the winter a group of die hard sledders take to the trails with some great vintage snowmobiles................the rides start at 8 a.m. and leave from Comfort Creations in Caribou off Rt. 161. Call Kendall Sutherland for more info—498-6112.

There will be more but thought we would just peak your interest. REMEMBER......lodging fills up fast in The County.........primarily because once you snowmobile in THE COUNTY.......well.....you find you will want to come back.


Jan 5
STEW NIGHT, Begins 4:30p.m. at Washburn Trail Runners SC, 48 Station Rd., Washburn. (Intersection of Connector Trail 105 and ITS 83 in Washburn)

Jan 6-7
PUBLIC BREAKFAST, Saturday and Sunday morning at Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse, 48 Station Rd., Washb
urn. (Intersection of Connector Trail 105 and ITS 83 in Washburn)

Jan 7
CLUB TRAIL RIDE, Linneus Sno-Sports (conditions permitting).

Jan 9
MEETING/POTLUCK, Oxbow-Masardis SC, at Oxbow Lodge. Potluck 6:30p.m., meeting to follow.

BINGO, 7p.m., Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse, 48 Station Rd., Washburn. (Intersection of Connector Trail 105 and ITS 83). Lunches will be served.

Jan. 11
Washburn Trailrunners potluck and club meeting 6 p.m. at the clubhouse

Jan 12
Washburn Trailrunners Stew night at the clubhouse 4:30 p.m.

Jan. 13
Caribou Snowmobile club meeting and Spaghetti supper 6:30 p.m.

Jan. 14
Radar Runs sponsored by the Portage Lakers 9 am registration runs start at 10 a.m.

Linneus Snowsports Club meeting and supper beginning at 6:30 at the clubhouse

Jan. 16

Bingo Washburn Trailrunners Clubhouse, 7 p.m.

Jan. 19

Stew Night Washburn Trailrunners Clubhouse 4:30 p.m. until the stew is gone !

Jan. 21

Breakfast Washburn Trailrunner Clubhouse
Breakfast Madawaska Snowmobile Club Clubhouse

Jan. 28

Ashland Snowmobile Club ride to Presque Isle. Leave Four Seasons at 11 a.m.
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