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Are you happy with your RS Venture

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Thinking of getting one for use with two young boys and just trail riding. Nothing crazy with it, I have another sled for that.

What do you think of them? I am looking for a sled that is reliable, gets good gas mileage and doesn't smeel bad like my 2 stroke.

Are these sleds any good?
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Originally posted by Tabor Rider@Sep 12 2005, 03:25 PM
It's a great sled for touring. I ride with my 6 year old and wife on it.Tons of torque,pretty snappy off the line,great ride and gets around 20 mpg.The only negative thing I haven't solved yet is the loud track roaring noise. Really bad from 35mph on up. All in all its a good sled with a great motor. I'd rate the sled an 8 or 9 outta 10. It would be near 10 with a quieter track. That's my opinion,hopefully you'll get a few more to make the choice!
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my dealer told me they fixed the loud track for 06. i will let you know when we get some snow. :fluffy:
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