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2014 m8000
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Hi guys. I've been riding a 2014 m8000 for several years and thinking about updating. I'm 19 with a good build and 165lbs no gear. I want a sled that I can go swamp hopping with but catwalk all day long. I cant seem to find out if the 9000 highcountry can catwalk or not and if I should stick to a 2 stroke. I'm young so I'm sure I can throw it around all day but dont want to get one if it it cant catwalk. My m8 will not get skis up more than 6 inches and I've tried everything but more hp hence why I'm thinking of 4 stroke. Wanting to stick to cat or prob would get a sidewinder or turbod viper. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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