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Was up in munising this past weekend just got back-one f5 with 800 miles on it-the other f5 brand new-the one with 800 miles ive adjusted the cables(too short from factory)cleaned the valves and have had the cables come off the servo motor.Anyways on purpose i left the servo motor covers off so i could see the servo motor working in self clean mode on both sleds.Sunday morning was about -10 in munising and both sleds where out side overnight-i started both sleds and upon tapping the throttle i watched the servo motors
F5-800 miles-valves just cleaned and adjusted longer-off about 4mm from factory-servo motor cycled-engine cold-cables slacked up and inner one slid out off round cylinder-cables are staying in place-clip is there-just slacking up and sliding out-now remember this is on a very cold motor-slid cable back in and let motor warm up-cables started tightening up because valves where now going back to closed position
F5-brand new-didnt check cable adjustment-started up and watched servo motor-servo cycled and returned-guess what cables slacked up but didnt come off-let engine warm up-everthing fine

From taking the valves apart i noticed that when sliding the valves back in the tolerance is very tight-i had this same problem on the 01 zr500 apv-from what i remember on the 02 zr500 apvs,all the 02 zrsapvs cat made a larger tolerance,but then alot of people where complaining the exhaust valves would rattle

So is this a tolerance issue on the exhaust valves???
Im also thinking of adjusting cables back to factory settings on 800 mile f5-just the fact that when they are working properly and are in the closed position there is alot of slack there-i do remember the factory setting with the exhaust off they where closing all the way with alot less slack
Also thinking about the washer idea behind the round stock.
Remember the 02s apvs used a stiffer return spring for exhaust valves compared to 01s

One more thing i also have the oil working its way back on both sleds-oil residue coming out the cables by servo motor-my dealer told me he contacted cat and they want him to check the o rings inside valve covers-dealer also stated that cat knows theres a problem with f5s leaving factory using to much oil and that would contribute oil residue working through cables-also when i had cables off cleaning valves-the cables moved nice and smooth even with that oil residue
Why didnt cat put a exhaust valve vent like they did on all the zrs so that residue would end up on the ground?

I love my f5s but these are things to keep an eye on-my personal experiences and opionions-take it with a grain of salt

One more thing-seat of pants comparsing between both sleds as far as cable adjustments on exhaust valves-no way in hell can you tell-whats 4 mm as long as the valves are closing and opening all the way-i sure cant tell-scott-now if the cables where different lengths and not equal to each other????
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