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This is an awesome site, and it would be even beter if it was not only firecats. There cud be info for all cat owners on here. I wish I could get as good of info about other sleds as you firecat guys are getting, u are lucky. Just because we dont have a firecat doesnt mean we dont have problems. lol :D
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Best site on web for Cat technical info whether you have Firecat or not. I've researched extensively and tweaked my ZL (ej: rear coupling system, woody's dooley's, and Blue Marble Oil, NGK-EVX plugs besides many other tweaks) and would like to share my results with others here on a SERIOUS tech forum. I understand that you are running the risk of watering down the FCat info here and I appreciate the concerns of the current FCat members. I think this forum appeals to the "tech head" in all of us and we have to take a risk and give others a chance to expand this knowledge database. This type of sharing should be inspirational to all Cat owners and can help to educate those in the industry as to what products work and what the end users are buying. This will help in the development of better and safer technology.

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