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Hey all, ive been saving my nickels for a couple months and I am planning a trip to Wyoming to ride the Snowy Range. I have been to the Bighorns(togwottee) once before and it was amazing, i want to try someoplace different, plus the snowy range is closer. I have wanted to go for the past 3 years again but with school i didnt have the oppertunity. I am now done school and on my feet and ready to make the trip. I am looking to take 2 weeks for the trip. 2 day drive out, 2 day drive back, 10 days out west Im looking to do this around mid to late Febuary maybe even early march if that works better for somebody. Im right outside of concord and id say thats where base camp will be for departure.

I am wondering if anyone is interested in tagging along and splitting the gas and the room. I am looking for one maybe two people who share the same riding style i have. I like to play in meadows and fields, going offtrail and trying stupid things every once and a while. I also enjoy trial riding seeing the scenery and just cruising. The main reason for the trip is to play in the powder and really experience what riding out west is all about. I can trail ride back here in NH. From what everyone says, shorttracks dont really cut it out there, so you may need to look into buying a long track and some rail extensions and either keeping them or reselling them after the trip. A 300 dollar track and some extensions are way cheaper then renting at 200 bucks a day for 9 days.

I have done some rough calculations, its 4500 miles round trip to the snowy range, my truck gets 10-12 highway miles with my sled trailer and gas at roughly 2.20 a gallon it works out to about 850 dollars in gas round trip. cheaper then a plane ticket and you can still bring your own sled and not have to rent at 200 bucks a day. lodging is going to be about 70 a night.

I dont anticipate on riding all 9 days, one day of riding out there 4 years ago kicked the shit outta me and i think we went maybe 80 to 90 miles offtrail. I think riding 7 days would be more realistic and i would like to see some of the sights around the area. Gas for the sleds is probly gonna be 50 a day.

As for food and drink, I think it would be cheaper and wiser to maybe bring a grill or habachi sp?? to cook steak or burgers on at night so were not paying to eat at a restauraunt each night. maybe pick up drinks and some food at a supermarket before heading out and packing some coolers. I know i can eat for 25 or less a day and thats overguessing it.

Here is a cost breakdown as far as i see it right now.

Roundtrip Gas $850-900
Lodging $660 w/tax for 2 people, $810 for 3
Sled Fuel $ 350 each
Food and Drink $350each
Sled Registration $25 each

My only stipulation is if i drive and take my vehicle and trailer that the gas is split 40/60, due to wear and tear, oil changes and everything to get it ready to make the trip. Totaled all up your personal costs will be roughly $725ish and divided costs would be rougly $870 if theres two of us, $600ish if theres 3

total $1595 per person for 2
$1325 for 3 people

The truck is a 99 F250 extended cab and 3 people would be a tight fit but we could switch around and its not too bad. The trailer is a open trailer with slush gaurd, nice and light and tows like a dream.

Thats what i have so far, anyone still interested, im very flexible on actual dates, just really looking for another person to help offset the travel costs. If you are somewhat interested PM me and we can talk.

Thanks all
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