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Ok guys here is the deal.
You must have some out-west experience, with a sled that is all setup to and handle the mountains. (or rent one)
We will be doing a lot of boondocking and some trails. (We don't want first timers please)

I am looking for a least 1 and maybe two more guys to go. We already have vehicles lined up you need just need to meet up with us and get in.

I want at least 6 guys going. (cheaper gas and lodging for all)
We have 5 guys going as of Friday night. (Jan/03/2007)
Roger - roughrider
todd – mnf7rider – Handlebars
kevin – silverram323
troy - wideopen800
john – minet

Here is the plans
We leave my house (Wyoming, MN) between 9-10pm Thursday night (Jan 11th) Drive south to pick up troy and meet up with Todd (Hastings, MN), he is also driving his truck. 3-4 people in each vehicle.

Drive through the night and arrive at togwotee at or around 4-6 pm (jan 12th Friday) 18-22 hr drive depending on weather. Pray for dry roads...

Eat dinner have a few cocktails and get a good night rest.

Ride like hell all day Saturday (Jan 13th)

all day Sunday (Jan 14th)

all day Monday (Jan 15th)

all day Tuesday ( Jan 16th)

Get up at 3-4 am Wednesday morning and head home. If all gos well we should make it home by 10-12pm Wednesday night.

The web site for where we are going is here we have 2 cabins.
Phone number is 1-800-543-2847

PLEASE let me know if anyone is interested in tagging along.

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silverram323 (no internet at this time. ice fishing up nort) has reported that 7 guys are ready for the trip, so the 'bus' is full!!!!!

Can not wait for the pics/reports from out there!

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