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Another dumb shock question

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OK, I have an EB F6 and I've played with the front shocks and have them where I like them. However, the shock underneath I have never played with and was wondering what exactly it does as far as making the sled softer or harder. I have always liked the ride, but I was coming off an old crappy ski doo so the F6 was alot better in every regard. However, last year I rode an older Cat and the suspension seemed, well, alot better or softer on the trails. Anyway, any advice would be appreciate as I'm getting the old girl out of storage this weekend and plan on getting her ready and though I might play around with the shock. I know it will be hard to tell until the snow flies what difference it makes, but I thought maybe I could better understand what it does and how it affects my ride. Thanks.
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kinda forgot how i set mine up, but pretty sure here's a good starting point - with the pressure off the skid (on its side or on a stand) losen the front shock (you should be able to turn it by hand) so the spring is not compressed at all. then tighten it to where the spring just makes contact, but not compressed. if that srping is set too tight, your sled will be a wheelie machine because there's little ski pressure.
hope that helps
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