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almost forgot...NEW S-valve

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I opened one up when I got back tonight. It looks as though the only diff. is the white seal has a tiny hole in it, to bleed it out.. :blink:
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Thanks Dan for the info, I was going to ask you this when you came back and you beat me to it.
Dan, just for your info last year my dad's zl6efiss had a smartvalve problem that also took the fuel pump out, this past weekend it acted up again so I took out the rear smartvalve and popped it open to remove the white disc and it too has a small hole next to the center one, I hope that Cat doesn't think this hole solves the problem. Sled ran flawless the rest of the weekend with the disc removed.

To go along with the above, what exactly is that white disc supposed to do?? Does it have a purpose and if so, why does the sled run fine without it and not run with it??

Ponderous, F--ing ponderous.
When the white rubber disc gets sucked up, it shuts seals and shuts the fuel off. For a temporary fix, my dealer removed the white disc in the back which prevented the valve from shutting off. I have the new one installed and have not had any problems.
Originally posted by 1FastCat@Jan 2 2003, 11:43 AM
When the white rubber disc gets sucked up, it shuts seals and shuts the fuel off. For a temporary fix, my dealer removed the white disc in the back which prevented the valve from shutting off. I have the new one installed and have not had any problems.
OK, but what condition causes the disc to be sucked up?? And is the issue that there are not releasing?? The "smart" valve that we are talking about here, was a new one, and it still f--ed up.
i just talked to my dealer a minute ago about the bog in mid rande i get once in awhile,
he talked to cat and yes another bulletin to be released soon, cat feels its in the ecu mapping
the reason i posted this is, i thought it was my smart valve closing up on me , but maybe not

i'll just ride it for now, and by march it should be all fixed up time to trade it on a f8 or f9????
Just got back from a few days of riding in Eustis. 1st morning myself and another F7 and alot of poo riders, we started the F7's at the same time and in about 5 min. they both stalled and would not start. With all the others waiting I told them go ahead and we would try to get them going and catch up. Called the dealer they were no help being 110 miles south of us. So I pulled out Arctic Cat special tool #32456 (coat hanger) and fished the smart valve out of mine. My buddy was convinced he had fouled the plugs, so he was fighting with those. I could see the valve was stuck closed, (no idea why) so I pulled it apart took it inside cleaned it and stretched the spring out so it would no close as easy, put it back together droped it in the tank 3 pulls and it was running. Much to my friends suprise, he was still changing plugs. I gave him AC special tool # 32456 and we had him running in 5 min. Caught up wiyh everyone else and beat up on all the poo riders.

The sleds ran perfect for the next 3 days. Now have over 300 miles and no real problems. Going in for updates on Monday. This thing absolutly flys, XC 800, ProX 800, XC600, XC700 it just didn't matter sent them all home to play with clutching or something so they can come play another day.

Steve :p
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Originally posted by Shameful1@Jan 2 2003, 03:19 PM
Arctic Cat special tool #32456 (coat hanger)
Maybe the most important tool to carry this year!! LMAO!!!!
Another thing to carry is 2 small pieces of wire.My sled died the other night(SMART VALVE).Pulled 5 times would'nt start.Unhooked fuel pump harness,reversed polairity with 2 wires pulled recoil 4 times,unhooked wires plugged harness back together and started 2nd pull! Took maybe 10 minutes.Rob detailed this more in a previous post.I think it opens the valve back up by reversing fuel flow.
One time out of 280 miles i was wide open for about 1/2 mile sled bogged alittle , so i let of the gas fast. Sled never did it again?? What you think it was? Pistons look great the compresion is right on, sled still flys!! Smart valve?
I have said this before......I believe since there is no return line(fuel) that the valves are constantly pulling fuel(no relief or bypass). The valves are actually closing to easy, even when cruising or wot. I also am not 100% convinced the new ones will prevent this?? There is a small hole in the seal now but??.My last thing is...The filter screen(I believe) is too fine It does not let water by (good) but I swear barely lets the fuel by, causing a vacuum affect on the valve to close it??? I haven't had 1 case of this on mine or buddies sleds, 300 miles (no seal)or so.. who knows??
so for those of us that are waiting for Our updates for the smartvalve what is better to do take the white plunger out and stretch the spring or to take the plunger out drill a hole right thru the existing hole and out thru the top of the smart valve where the plunger sits and reassemble
just take the white seal out..after that is gone, there is only 1 way for the fuel to stop...ice covering the filter material..
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