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All the hype crap!!!

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You know I've been with the group from day one. Guys that come in here and say we hyped the F7 as being the fastest of all time are full of it. If for arguments sake we use Amsnow's shootout as a reference it beat all the other 700's in the 1320' ET. With that said probably at the end of the lake it will extend its lead.

If we compare the F7 in a drag race of 660' against the ZR900 and the REV800. It conceivably could beat the REV800, if we go with Amsnow's numbers. The ZR900 pulled a wicked time of 6.332 and the F7 was 7.428. Sleep at the light, and we've all done that, and you just beat the 900 and REV 800.

We've had friends run us and not beat us. We've had friends do the same thing and see the F7 run with the 900 for a good stretch. In the end the 900 pulls away.

All the crap is from the guys who WISHED they owned an F7. :D Get on one and you'll find out first hand we can BRAG all we want. :D :lol:
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