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All I want for my F5 is...

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come on now..... the other F5 owners is all we have to worry about.... what is your Christmas wish list...... I want 96 studs....clutch kit...4wheel kit....the beefed up track tension bolt kit.....different gears......ohh yeah I forgot v-force reeds
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From all the zr500s ive owned,the fastest is the 2001 500apv.I got that up to needle just going by 100 mph-they say these f5 digital readings are pretty damn accurate(off 1 mph) compared to the old setup(off 5-7mph)so if your getting 95-100 on a f5 your pretty damn good.The fastest i had my f5 was 85,but i ran out of room,but it got there pretty damn quick-scott
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