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airbox inlet- fabric screen kit

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Got one coming from my dealer. It attaches with a couple snaps and velcro. Thought it might be useful on snowy days, powder days, etc.

Won't install it unless guys start having problems...but thought I'd mention it is available from dealers.

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i'm not sure if this will do anything for the f7, f5's they seal tighter in the front due to the larger production air box, and the air is actually sucked in under the cowl on tod of the hood

just my opinion
if you go to a.c. web site and click on 03 sno-pro you can sort of see it
also snowmobilenews.com did have a great picture of the sled
If you are talking about that little black one that comes on the 03 snopro then forget that idea. I called the dealer and he said 30 bucks but it was backordered. I would just get a bra that covers all ur front openings like this one..........


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Now my sled needs a bra...Oh dear God. lol

bought hood screens to keep the big stuff out, a little snow in their helps cool her off
plus the hood screens look tuff
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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