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air screws on zrt800 year 1995

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Hi guys I like this forum as it seems to be no bullshit that goes on here so I would like to be the first guy to say keep up the good work,as I myself drive a mxz so I hope you guys will still help me even if Iam the enemy.A friend owns a ZRT800 that is all done up for racing and we have the sled clutched pretty good but we are still learning and hope to kick some ass this winter maby even a ski doo,we have the clutching down but now we need to learn about carburation,air screws ,jetting and what ever our dealer says to play with the air screws but we dont no where to start I no temp has to make a difference but does elevation humidity and air density all a factor.We dont no where to start is there a place on the web that can tell us what we need to no if not can any of you guys help thanks from iceman
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