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Air box Mods

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What are the airbox Mods you guys are talking about? Do I have to do anything else to do them? Running a F7 Sabercat.

Also had my sled out on hardpack for the first time tonight. What an ANIMAL!!! Had a ZR 800 last year, really glad I traded for this sled!!
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Speedwerx has a aluminum piece that replaces the stock plastic piece where the flexable hose attatches to the air box...which allows more air flow. D&D has bullseye kits...pretty must you drill a hold in the air box and install the "bullseye".
install an snopro inlet tube in your stock box, cheap and looks stock!
Keep in mind when adding the additional airflow...either better fuel needs to be used or the ethanol switch should be turned on.
its still safe set on reg with 89 oct. if this is your only mod!
Originally posted by firecatsnopro@Dec 19 2002, 08:56 PM
install an snopro inlet tube in your stock box, cheap and looks stock!
2002 or 2003 model model year?

Do you have a part# ?
Is any one running EGT's on their F7 to see how any of the various airflow mods are doing?
Inlet tube # 1670-315, you will need 3 screws # 8047-397 to hold it down. You have to trim about quarter of an inch out of the hole to get it to fit in. Only fits in one way correctly. When finished it looks very nice, stock looking ! I put a little bead of silicon sealer around mine to make sure I didn't have any air leaks. I don't think you would have to but I did on mine.
HAS anyone tried a complete airbox from sno-pro ?
remember the airbox got heavier !!
I want to try a 2002 sno-pro airbox (better flow/lighter weight)
Thanks LUNMYF7, I see it is inexspensive. The downside is after you cut the hole the stock intake will not fit anymore.
No, the stock one will still fit you just have to use the 3 screws to hold it in. I tried it after I enlarged the hole.
Does the sled have more air noise when this is installed?
I should have said intake noise......
I don't know I have never ridden it. We have had no snow. 0 miles
How much horse power is the d&d kit worth anybody know?
I think they said 2-3. Speedwerx says about the same.
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