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advancing the timing

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does anyone make a degree keyway or how much do you move the stator to make up for one degree of timing or is there any other method thanks
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Moving the stator about .038 is a degree.

Basically half the distance between 2 timing marks on the flywheel. Each line is 2 degrees apart

Nothing you'll ever feel by the seat of your pants.
Matter of fact my buddy bumped his timing up on a stock 02 800 and went slower. Gave it a little response off low, but hurt it every where else.

Just wondering what do you think you'll get out of 1 degree?

The cdi is mapped to work with the timing in the factory position. Changing the timing may not work like you want it to.
From my experience the 02 is set up pretty close from the factory. It is not uncomon to experience detonation in stock form with the 02's so I'd suspect advancing it further would only exagerate detonation.

Some sleds like AC F cats can run keys pretty successfull as they could handle more timing than the factory threw at them. The 02 XC/SP 700 was a good set up out of the box from an ignition perspective.

What are you looking for with advancing the timing on your sled?

Is it part of series of mods?
ported it raised the compression have had very good luck with alot of stuff advancing the timing geuss i wont if it isnt worth it. i just like everything to be so it has its best running potential it can possibly be. so are there any other tricks out there thanks
. i just like everything to be so it has its best running potential it can possibly be. so are there any other tricks out there thanks[/b]
Put a tripple in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you raised the compression, I would leave the timing where it is.

If we ever get snow check your plugs and check for signs of detonation.
See how the electrode tip looks and heat line. Porcelen also.

Then make a decision on raising timing.
Hey Bansh!!

The timing advancement works well if your compression is bumped up and you are running race fuel.
But for pump gas and moderate compression it will not do much for you, and as others stated, can actually pull you down.

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I agree, I don't think the timing is gonna help with anything other then detonation, but according to spam , two degrees timing did boost overall hp by a couple hp throughout the whole powerband. Also on there, Shylocks 800 xc made 151hp with compression 1 point lower and timing advanced to the point of grinding the stator slots out. That was stock porting with single SLP and v force reeds.
One thing you can do to alter the timing is to put the race 440 cdi in your sled. This will give you a desireable outcome. I did it to my 600, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
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