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2000 Trail touring, 550 fan.
Need help with the removal and splitting of.housing halves for the adjustable backrest. I removed the locking lever, the dome nut, the spring cover, the spring itself (that sure was.under a lot of tension), all the bolts holding the housing halves together, and even slid out/removed the support tube that backrest itself is attached to.
I then: poked, prodded, pulled, pushed, pried etc and could not figure out how to either...split the housing halves so I could get in there to lubricate everything OR even remove the housing from the bracket it pivots 'round (which is.attached to.the tunnel).
I was able.to get the lever and cable freed up enough to allow the backrest to swing forward to solo rider position, but I thing the spring INSIDE the housing is either broken or.knocked.off and I want to have look.
See the picture. I want to separate the two halves.of part 12 to get at part 15.
Can't seem to get part 27 off, due to 35. How does that come out?????
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