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I was going through some previous posts and there seemed to be two very different ways to complete the AC Tach Update...This is what I found:

FYI.......OK..These instructions are apparently from AC..They are opposite to what is said here is previous posts...... Coil must be rotated so the high tension leads(plug wires) are pointing downward.....

NOTE:This info was copied form a previous post......

just got the bulletin in at my dealership, this is what you have to do.

1. Remove expansion chamber.
2. Cut two cable ties securing coil to chassis
3. Remove spark plug caps from plugs, remove PTO side spark plug cap from the high tension lead wire.
4. Disconnect orange and black wires that connect coil to CDI unit.
5. Remove coil assm., then rotate coil 180 degree with high tension leads facing downward.
6. Route the high tension leads in front of the coolant hose so they are located between the coolan those and engine. (says to make sure PTO side high tension lead is routed in front of steering post).
7. Position coil in teh chassis mounting location and re zip tied.
8. Connect black and orange wires.
9. Install PTO side plug cap onto high tension leads and finish re assembly.
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