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AC Hand guards

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I was wondering if anyone has installed the bracket kits for non AC handguards?
Hand guard AC part no:3639-029
Mount kit part no:3639-078

My problem; :wacko:
The mounting kit for the throttle side looks correct, its the brake side I'm wondering about-they have a black clip that you are suppose to snap into an opening on the right side of the brake lever, it appears to me its where Cat has this plugged and they have a band around it-it looks like this may may have something to do with the dimmer switch?? I do not see anywhere else that makes sense to put in this clip,, I checked the part number & its correct. Has anyone installed the hand guards?? Any ideas????
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Just to add, the pin you are referring to goes where you see the woodscrew in the pic. You have to drop the dimmer off to get the pin out as it is held in place by tabs. you have to push the tabs in on both top and bottom at the same time. Just thought I would mention because I believe in the instructions it says to pull plug then remove break lever pin. It is alot easier if you do it in reverse order so you can access botom of plug easier.
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