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We just got back from three days in the northwoods. The trails are in perfect condition. A ton of snow and the groomers have been busy everywhere. I can count the number of bumpy/icy/bare/ crappy spots on less than one hand.

Monday we rode south of Rhinelander. Don't ask what trails we were on but it was awesome. Saw some of the storm damage in that area, more on that later. 170 miles on perfect trails. Got down as far as the White Lake area before we started to head back north towards Gleason.

Tuesday we put up almost 300 miles. Went north through Eagle River and touched the border in Land O'. Headed south and east through Alvin and towards Laona and Wabeno. Mostly rode the grade south so the miles started to stack up quickly. Rode that south and looped back to Crandon before heading back just after dark. We had 4 inches of fresh snow so it was a little bit of a challenge because the snow came after the groomers were out so there was a ton of snow dust. The true highlight was the area that was hit by the Tornado last summer. I want to say it was Florence County, I could be wrong. We stopped on a ridge and as far as you could see there was barely a tree standing. The devastation from that storm was unbelievable. It may have been the only Tornado that didn't hit a trailer park in the history of weather. It is equally impressive where the loggers have gotten in to clean up and log off the rest of what is down, it just looks bare. A bigger shout out to the local clubs for their Herculean effort to even get the trails open ! We rode through the devastation and there were many cuts that you could tell were just sections of log cut out so it was passable. Amazing job by people who really care for the riders who come into the area to ride.

Wednesday was kind of a wind down day. With temps in the below zero and wind it was a later start. Rode a little closer to Rhinelander. With the colder temps and stout work from the groomers we had rock hard perfect conditions. It was the best conditions of the week, but all three days were outstanding. We passed too many club signs to mention them all, but what an amazing job from all of the clubs and their crews. THANK YOU !

All three days we actually encountered way more sleds than we expected to see. Our group was always 4-6 riders and nobody even had a close call with an on-coming rider.

On a somber note. As we pulled out we actually stopped near a spot where a young mother lost her life recently in an accident. I really don't know all of the details, but the accident happend about a mile and a half from where they unloaded at the start of the day. Please ride safe and under control.
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