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I going nuts! I can't stand seeing the the great riding you've had for weeks!

My group heads west for 2-4 trips each year. We've been multiple times to; GrandLake Co, Laramie Wy, Big Horns Wy (south), Black Hills SD, West Yellostone and Cooke City MT. We are extreme off-trail riders and tend to only be able to feed our insanity in the Mountains!

My wife just gave birth to our second future snowmobiler on Saturday. I'm now somewhat free to head west. I've missed 2 trips already in December, GrandLake and Laramie.

Do you know anything about riding Rabbit Ears? Or anywhere else in Colorado? Always enjoy going to new places.

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Jeff those pics are from Rabbit Ears :) Going tomorrow to either Snowy Range or back to the Ears. More pics to come :)
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