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A couple of things to check

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Just got back from a 280 mile ride. Giving the sled a good check over, and found a couple of items. First, that plastic cable holder that makes the curve on the oil injection cable came unsnapped and made its way into the carb linkage.Don't know if it was routed wrong or what. Could make for a nasty! Also, was wondering if anyone was having the familiar arctic cat chaincase leak. I know this was changed and was supposed to be taken care of, but i see it again. The big nut on the rear axle loosened WAAAY up, but all other in rear stayed tight. Other than that,sled ran great, tons of power midrange for 500. Sled has a LOT of weight transfer, will tone that down a little, and step up the carbide program. Should be Great!!!
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I've got an F7 and only have 70 miles on it, but haven't had any of the other problems. One thing that did happen was the front bolt for the front suspension came loose adn the bolt backed out.
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