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Hey guys, trying to keep the story short.

98 mach1 wasnt running right, tracked it down to the power module box.

got a new one, but are concerned that we will cook it again if we don't really have the root cause. Need to pay to get the Dess programmed etc.

but again, are concerned that the real problem is out there ready to cook our new box. Anyone have experience with 98 Mach 1 700 triple electrical problems . It has DeSS.

thanks !! klr

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Know what you are going through. My 98 Mach 1 is in the shop
and used to just cut out once in a while. Wait till it cooled off
and away you go till about 20 miles till it would die again. After
talking to sum guys on HCS and DooTALK. People told me it sounds like
a CDI box. So after finding out if you buy a new one you have to
get it programmed too that I'll just take it in and have the dealer
do it. Dealer told me my Stator was also bad and to replace both
would cost me $700.00 bucks!!! :banghead: Well since I baught
a new sled I just don't feel like sticking money into it for I'll not
get that money back out of it. I'm selling it as is for whatever
e-bay brings me. Love the sled but after 6 years it's time for me to move on.
I just don't know how to test a stator and that is what the dealer said
that took out my CDI box. Poor running stator I guess can ruin
your CDI box if you don't look into it right away like I did. Two years
ago it stated having some problems but only if it was warmer temps.
Oh well? Good luck!!

If it was my only sled I'd fix it but I just don't need it for my daughter
(13) or my girl friend.


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My 98 Mach 1 had the same problem as RBT700. It would run great for 10 minutes then die, no spark. Let it cool off and it would run great again. The dealer I go to knew what the problem was before I even finished telling him about it. The 98 had to short of a wiring harness under the motor, it would rub and short out. I did'nt believe that would cause these symptoms, to me the ingition box or stator were heating up and craping out. They pulled my motor, fixed up the wiring, covered it for added protection and put it back together. That was two years ago, still runs great. It seems the problem was so bad Ski-doo used to have an upgrade wire harness avaliable. Steve.
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