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So the sled in my friends, it's carbed, runs great for 20 minutes, then once you come to a stop and hit the gas nothing happens, almost sounds like it running on one cylinder, but it does have spark at both plugs.

Let it sit there for 5 minutes or so with the hood up and it rips right off.

Fuel delivery issue of some sort, when the problem is "about to happen" you'll try to go and if you apply throttle gradually it will wind up slowly and take off, but if you just pin it it just sits there idling, the sound changes a bit as the throttle bodies are wide open, but the RPMs don't change at all.

When the problem is in full force you can't press the throttle in any way that will make the sled go, but it will keep idling.

Any ideas?

FWIW both plugs were/are just right color wise.

I also disconnected the Throttle safety switch and that made no difference.
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