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9 weeks till the first ride. last year i was snowmobiling dec 3 on the back side of Blue Mountain in 2 feet of powder. driving through Collingwood seeing the green lawns and the rain, i gave an earful to the guys who got me hyped and made me drive up there. 5 miles outside of collingwood(must be the elevation change), the rain turned to snow, the lawns were white and the side of the hiway was covered. there was enough snow that i got the van stuck. i'm hoping that the warm summer that really heated the water in the lakes will create a ton of lake effect snow when the cold air hits the warm water and here i come snowmobiling the first weekend in DECEMBER !!!! if g-d loves me he will make it the last weekend in Nov.

that must have been one of the only rides in collinwood last year the trails were closed most of the season there and wasaga last year,
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