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I have a 2000 ski-doo summit 700, I blew the motor last weekend and I am going to use this as an opportunity to educate myself and rebuild it (or as much as I can). I got the motor out last night and the skirt of the piston was half gone as well as a lower lip of the cylinder. SO... I am in the market for a used cylinder in good shape and a pair of piston kits to go with it (any feedback? good or bad?).
anyway... I haven't split the cases yet to clean out the debris so I am not sure of what other surprises I may have waiting for me but any of your expertise (tips, things to watch out for or look for) would be greatly appreciated. I am still stumped as to the cause of this failure, do pistons just fall apart like that??? This sled has 2000 miles on it and the crank was rebuilt by eckhoffs at 1000 miles due to a main bearing failure.

one more question... do you know of any way to test the oil pump to make sure it is functioning properly before firing up a fresh rebuild?

as I said... any advise would be greatly appreciated... Thanks for your time.
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