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Any help / advice is appreciated regarding a project I am considering......

I have an 03 440 MXZx. Pretty much a stock sled. I am very happy with the chassis but as you can probably guess I would like more power. I would like to upgrade the motor from the stock 440 to an 800.

I would really like to find a complete motor/exhaust, etc.... that I could do a complete swap. What would be perfect would be to find a 800 Rev that was crashed but did not damage the motor. I might be asking for the impossible to find such a deal here near Anchroage AK, but if any of you out there know of salvage yards or have a buddy that has an 800 Rev they are consering parting with , I'd appreciate knowing about it.

Again - I am just thinking about doing this as a project. I am not in a hurry and the price would have to be right. Please let me know (email: [email protected])
Have fun.
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