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250 Miles, I guess she is broke in now

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Well, Got a few days on the F7 SnoPro, and 250 miles. All I can say is, "Boy are my arms sore!!!!!!!!
No problems with temps, power really picked up once the pre-mix was gone.
This thing pulls alllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way up.
The longer SnoPro lugs really hook up well in the loose pack on the trails, and I found some great powder hills today, and this thing thinks it's a powder hound.
I do have to say that the longer lugs don't like ice..................at all.
I saw that someones F5 took a trip on the ice as well. Coming off a long icy road, my turn back on the trail was interupted by the backend swinging past the front and up and over she went. Nothing hurt, other than my pride, and I will be putting studs on over Christmas time.
I hooked up with Catman and his brother on Friday, and he got his F7 broke in as well. Had a great day of riding and it was nice to meet someone off the board.

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lmao, yea i flipped mine to, all i wanted to do was pull away with a swing...... caught on rough ice, boom on my side, lol

scratch the decals a bit but that was it, although yesterday i was on great slave lake ( 8th largest lake in the world ) last one to freeze, almsot killed myself 4 times, ass slipping out at all kinds of speeds and turns....

fresh snow sitting on glare ice and it was pitch black out, i hit 103 miles per hour but we have alot of cross country skiers and dog walkers etc so....
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