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Like it or not a typical TRUCK makes a better tow vehicle than a smaller SUV or a car
due to the fact , it has a longer heel base wider stance and stiffer frame, odds are it will have larger brakes as well
all that adds up to a more stable platform, and this is why most 1/2+ trucks have way higher tow ratings than the smaller vehicles do
you can also add in higher ground clearance which there for allows better approach and departure angles and help keep the ball or tongue of the trailer from dragging when going into dips , be them at entrances into places , or drive ways or??

NOW I am NOT saying anyone HAS to have a truck to tow something,
but you also have to be honest and admit that, when towing in POOR conditions, having More tow vehicle is a GOOD thing,
and NOT being at the MAX tow rating is also a BIG plus, most OEM"S make there tow rating under the best of conditions and not the worse condition

when all the stars line up a lot of magical things can happen
and using an excuse or saying(no base) like I have done something for "X" amount of time just fine, or others have

keep in mind many folks also win the lottery, yet most don't!

as for seeing more trucks in ditches than other tow vehicles
I gather this is simple math, more truck\ owners that tow than SUV/car folks that tow
and , then there is also that EGO< that many truck owners have that think cause they bought "X" truck, that is some how makes them magically GREAT drivers and towing pro's
and IMO, , WAY too many folks tow WAY too fast period, never mind too fast for conditions!
the last decade has brought about a ton of GO fast drivers, and they DON"T slow down when towing or when snowing or??? the need to get every where extra fast has never been higher!~

and this I gather is why you see more trucks /trailers in ditches period
nothing to do with tow ratings of a Car/SUV VS a Pickup truck!

drivers skills matter, as does common sense, something many just don;t seem to have much of anymore IMO!~ HAHA!

But put the same skilled driver in a SUV/Car, and put them in a truck,. and if being honest, the truck
again will feel safer and tow better,. and Stop better too 99% of the time!
just by the features it has, wider, longer Typically heavier, and stiffer frame, larger brakes, all pro's to towing!
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