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Does anyone have this sled or order one? I’m really interested in some feed back about this sled.

How’s the Backcountry 1.75 track?

How are the QS3 coil over shocks in the rear skid?

Looks like a really fun machine, planning on ordering one for 2020. Hopefully they keep the blue and while colors!!

I know the X-TX 141 SE has a 1.6 inch Cobra and differed shocks in the rear plus trail spindals but any feed back is welcome, thx

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Not sure on the 1.75.
I had a Viper XTX with a 141 and 1.6 and that WAS THE SHIT.
Pretty decent on trails actually and great bite for no picks, and super for backcountry.
Buddy had an XF8000 Turbo with a 141 and a 1.5, and he regrets selling it.
Also, the blue/white combo is gorgeous!

In all honesty a 998 is more of a trail sled, a 141 with a 1.6 is the most I would go.
It's a great mix, once you get to 1.75-2.00 lugs, your 70/30 mountain/trail and starting to lean into mostly off trail and thats some heft to be motivating by muscle all day.


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