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Here are the financials from this year's 4 night 3-day saddle bag trip in Quebec:

Total mileage over 3 days for 577 miles.

Here is the cost breakdown per man in US dollars:

6-Feb-2020 3-Day Trail Pass $101.81
6-Feb-2020 Lodging $77.59
6-Feb-2020 Truck Gas $57.29
7-Feb-2020 Breakfast $14.32
7-Feb-2020 Sled Gas in St. Anne $10.18
7-Feb-2020 Lunch $20.69
7-Feb-2020 Sled Gas at Cheval $24.38
7-Feb-2020 Lodging (2 meals included) $127.45
8-Feb-2020 Sled Gas in Mattawan $18.00
8-Feb-2020 Sled Gas at Repos $20.00
8-Feb-2020 Lunch at Repos $20.00
8-Feb-2020 Lodging (2 meals included) $97.55
9-Feb-2020 Sled Gas at St. Michel-des-Saints $22.82
9-Feb-2020 Sled Gas at Macaza $15.40
9-Feb-2020 Dinner $24.48
9-Feb-2020 Lodging (per man) $77.59

Total per Man: $729.55

Or $243.18 per day (for everything) to ride some of the best groomed trails in the world.
I did this summary to shut up the naysayers who say snowmobiling in Quebec is too expensive .... you know the same guys that spend $150 to $200 per day to ride bumpy trails on the Tug.
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