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Evolution powersports tunes available at SanDale

yamaha sidewinder/ arctic cat thundercat/9000/king cat ecu programming with map tuner x
-stage 1, 2, 3, 4 are all safe 91 octane pump gas tunes
-raised boost
-corrected fueling for aftermarket exhaust
-revised timing
-revised knock settings
-rev limit increased to 9650
-dyno, trail, and mountain tested
stage 0- fuel correction when running aftermarket exhaust $489.99
stage 1- 12.5 lbs of boost stock muffler tune 25hp over stock $669.99
stage 2- 12.5 lbs of boost, exhaust required 37+hp over stock exhaust $699.99
stage 3 – 14lbs of boost, exhaust required 51+hp over stock exhaust $739.99
stage 4- 14.8 lbs of boost, exhaust required 58+hp over stock exhaust $769.99

**these tests were done with 2.5inch aftermarket exhaust, will make more power with SanDale 3inch exhaust**

SanDale 2.5inch Superflow, great sound, perfect for the trail rider that wants to put on the miles $699.99
SanDale 3inch Hyperflow, +6hp over the superflow, best all around for sound and performance $699.99
SanDale 3inch Heartbreaker, +7hp over the hyperflow, this one is light and loud, for those that want to make big power $699.99
***all exhaust systems come with one 02 bung ***

please call 1-855-737-3953 or 204-661-2111 for more info
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