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2017 Ski Doo Enduro 1200

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2017 SKI-DOO Renegade Enduro 1200cc, Black , Bought as a new leftover August 2017, 4 seasons on sled.

1) FRONT END ADD ON'S = Line X'd front bumper, Grip and Rip full front brace kit, Mainway solutions skid plate mounting kit, SKI DOO skid plate, 7" TS carbides, Red ski loops, Mainway solutions Upper and Lower greasable A-Arm bushing kit, Mainway solutions sway bar end link bushing kit, Zbros Exit X02 custom blend shocks set up from Ian at Monster Performance, and rebuilt beginning of every season. Xtreme Full air vent kit right and left sides front and back, Doo air vent kit, 3mm secondary shim kit, Doo mirrors, stock header is wrapped. Airbox is insulated, 3 LED rock lights. Ski Doo Aux LED light.

2) CONSOLE ADD ON'S = Glove box extension with Garmin powered GPS mount, GPS is NOT included but prewired mount is, Glove box liner with LED light in glove box, Handlebar mounted Voltage and KOSO air temp gauge. BMP brake res cover. Doo performance grips, Doo tank bag. Doo adjustable riser. I have 4 DESS keys for it all programmed as regular keys.

3) REAR OF SLED ADD ON'S= Ski Doo running board braces, Doo heavy duty rear bumper, 2 pairs of Doo Linq tunnel mounts, Storm 150 track, 96 1.575 Woody's Goldiggers with Red Double backers, Doo rail reinforcement braces, Hygear Suspension pro rear axle kit, Doo 4th wheel kit, Vespel slides, Hygear suspension torsion spring spacers, Complete Mainway solutions rear suspension greasable bushing kit 20 Grease Zerks total on sled vs stock 2 zerks, Zbros Exit X1 center shock from Monster Performance rebuilt every year, Duraflex ice scratchers.

11,500 Northern Maine Trail Miles, 1 adult owner. Sled has never been abused, nothing is bent, never spent a night outside, and never crashed. It has been maintained above and beyond, Sled is very clean, and runs as good and strong as day 1, My goal was to build the most durable, reliable sled I could and it has served me well, on to the next sled project.

Sled has all stock Enduro features plus many extras, Has stock zero mile Edrive 2 Primary clutch and Zero mile stock helix and secondary spring installed.

All 4 Driveline bearings replaced last fall along with new track and new studs, 2000 miles on them now, shocks rebuilt beginning of last season 2000 miles on them. Sled is ready for many more miles and is a joy to ride.
Oil and filter just changed, Chaincase oil just changed, waxed and ready for this upcoming season.

Come take a look at it. Asking $8500 B.O.

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