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Another new season means another new thread for new model owners to bring up potential problem areas & share their concerns. :thumbsup:

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S-12-03 - 2013 600-800 PRO RMK Lower Control Arm Replacement

S-12-03 - 2013 600-800 PRO RMK Lower Control Arm Replacement

You can check your VIN# here.

2013 600/800 PRO RMK Front Suspension Lower Control Arm Replacement

In our pursuit for quality, performance and the best customer experience possible we are asking your dealership replace
the front lower control arms on some 2013 600/800 PRO RMK snowmobiles. We are asking you to replace the front
lower control arms because it is possible the stabilizer bar mounting brackets on some vehicles may loosen due to an
incorrect assembly process. The majority of these units are in dealer inventory now, although a small number have
already been delivered to consumers.

To ensure the best snowmobiling experience possible for customers, please follow the repair instructions on page three of
this Service Bulletin and replace both front suspension lower control arms on all affected units in inventory and on units
delivered to customers.

In addition to dealers notifying customers, Polaris will be mailing a notification letter to all customers who have taken
delivery of an affected unit on or before September 17, 2012. Included with the notification letter will be a Pure Polaris
PG&A voucher. A copy of the customer notification can be found on page five.

Again, we take quality very seriously, and want you to be confident we have taken appropriate measures to prevent this
from reoccurring. Thank you for everything you do to service Polaris customers and provide the best snowmobiling
experience possible.

Warranty coverage for Service Bulletin S-12-03 begins on September 17, 2012 and will expire on June 30, 2014. All
affected vehicles are covered during the campaign period. After the expiration date, only wholegoods stock (WS) and
vehicles still within the 12 month standard warranty period will receive warranty coverage.
Vehicles outside the 12 month standard warranty period will not receive warranty coverage after the expiration date.

Affected Models: 2013

600 PRO RMK 155

800 PRO RMK 155

800 PRO RMK 163

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Received a heads up that anyone with a new Pro-RMK and the quick drive (belt drive) should NOT be running their machine if it's on a 2-wheel dolly. The support of the belly pan is not sturdy enough and if the sled is run the belt can rub on the belly pan. Using a traditional track/bumper stand is the recommended use.

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Starting to see driveshaft issues......
Just read this on BCR Driveshaft service bulletin - Back Country Rebels - Forums

SUBJECT: SAF-12-02 - Drive Shaft Field Issues
DATE: November 30, 2012 MODELS: 2013 600 / 800 PRO-RMK 155/163 Snowmobiles
*** Important Service Information ***
Please distribute to Service Manager, Parts Manager, and Service Technicians
The Polaris Technical Service and Snowmobile Engineering teams have received field reports of broken drive shafts on a limited number of 2013 600 and 800 PRO-RMK snowmobiles. Please review this service communication carefully to learn what we currently know at the time of this publication, what our engineering and service plan is moving forward, and what Polaris dealers can do to assist Polaris in resolving this issue.
What we know:
 The bonded drive shaft used on MY13 600 and 800 PRO RMK snowmobiles passed rigorous field and lab testing prior to full production, and Polaris is committed to standing behind this product.
 A limited number of Polaris dealers have reported that the sprocket-side hub insert is separating from the tubular drive shaft housing on some consumer snowmobiles.
 As of today, we have received 70 reported failures. Although this represents only a small fraction of the total registered snowmobiles in the field, we will move quickly to resolve this issue for affected customers.
 There have been no failures involving the clutch-side hub insert dislodging from the drive shaft tube.
Current engineering and service plan:
 Our primary focus is to identify the root cause of the hub insert separating from the housing and to determine appropriate corrective action. The snow engineering teams are currently analyzing all drive shafts that have been returned from the field.
 The Polaris service department is logging all field cases from dealers. When we receive a call or ASK Polaris Case, we request detailed information, including photos of the drive shaft, and ask that the shaft be returned to Polaris according to the normal parts return process after the claim has been filed.
 The Polaris parts department has placed all bonded drive shafts on backorder status. This action was taken to ensure drive shaft availability for snowmobiles currently down for repair. At this time, replacement shafts will be shipped only to dealers with confirmed ASK Polaris cases on file.
 When root cause and resolution have been finalized, an official repair notification will be published for the affected vehicles. As stated above, Polaris will stand behind this product and support our customers.
What dealers can do to assist Polaris:
 If your dealership encounters a snowmobile with a broken drive shaft, please submit an ASK Polaris case with failure details and photos immediately. Monitor your warranty parts return list and return the drive shaft to the Polaris warranty department using the pre-paid UPS shipping label as soon as possible.
 Please submit the ASK Polaris case quickly and immediately order the part. We will manage all cases and parts orders individually. In order to minimize vehicle downtime we MUST have a case and a parts order.
 Refrain from promoting non-Polaris remedies that modify or alter the original drive shaft design. We are focusing all efforts on identification and testing and cannot speculate on the performance of these non-Polaris remedies.
o Do not attempt to drill or tap into the stock shaft; doing so will compromise bonding material integrity.
o While steel drive shafts from other RMK models may fit, Polaris does not recommend this because there is a risk of the shaft seizing on to the inner bearing race and lower drive sprocket

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Friends 2013 SBA new, We rode about 25 miles yesterday and he had rode about 20 miles the day before. We stopped after about 10 miles and his sled was smoking so we opened side panels and found anti freeze in bottom. Level was low. We let it run and watched to see if it was leaking, couldnt see anything. rode a little farther and checked and antifreeze level was still the same. rode a few more miles and checked and there was more in bottem of sled. Took it in today and found a bolt in head came loose (NO locktite on bolt).

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2013 SBA 800
800 mi

Rear shock seems to be blown - started at about 700 mi, compresses normally when sled is cold but sounds squishy like there is air in the shock oil... after 35 mile of riding the rear end collapses very easily.

A-arm bushings and upper ski shock bushings are loose - they seem to have a lot of play in the bushings, up and down & front to back slop. very noticeable if the sled is off the ground. My IQ had 3000+ miles on it with zero slop in the a arm bushings

Mechanical fuel guage is almost always stuck on empty.

Hopefully my little list of problems will be covered by the warranty!

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Im a bit late to the party, but just wanted to say to those of you with a '13 Pro watch your lower a arms closely. The glued joints can fail. Its easy to notice when inspecting the sled if it has begun, you will be able to see where the shaft is starting to pull out of the joint.

Easy fix is to drill a hole through the joint and run a bolt through it. A couple joints failed on my friends sled and this fix kept him riding up until he smoked a tree.

I will not be surprised AT ALL if the '14s have the same issue.
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