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Sled died, Seized up, after cool down it turned over but lost compression in one cylinder.

Weighing my options, checking to see if there is any interest in this 2011? Please PM or email at [email protected] with questions or requests.

2011 800 Rush with 6800 miles, mostly from the UP.

Meticulously maintained, Always traveled in an enclosed trailer. Top end was rebuilt at 4000 miles pistons replaced with Wossner RK tec direct replacement piston kit, 120 PSI in both holes. Real snappy, awesome in the trails. See below for list of maintenance.

I'm in Chicago, sled is located in Antioch IL.

PM or email [email protected]

3500 Miles 12/31/12
Fuel filter replaced.
New camoplast cobra track 1.325.
Extrem max studs 1.52 144.
New Idler wheel bearings.

4000 Miles 03/25/13
New Top end
Wossner RK tek direct replacement piston kit 40 grams lighter than OEM
deglaze jugs no boring.
Updated injectors yellow to Blue
NEW polaris reads.

New Slides.
Motor mounts repaced.
Shocks rebuilt Front, Oil, seals and c clips.

4900 MIles
Chain case tensioner and Oil replaced.

5400 Miles
New Belt.

5900 Miles
Replaced chain case / new bearings / Oil.
Skid rebuilt: Brand New rails, rails powder coated, shocks rebuilt, all bearings replaced and 2 bogie wheels replaced with RMK Wheels.

New polaris slides.
Fuel filter replaced.

Replace fuel sock.

New belt.
Replaced chain case oil.

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