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Name: Ryan

Location: Sun Prairie

Price: $4,000 obo

Description:2009 Z1 Turbo Sno Pro 13k miles, 1 owner machine
Super reliable machine with impeccable maintenance. Machine is in awesome shape and would rival any other 09 with half the miles.
-1.25" Cobra track with 153 Woody's megabites. 2 ply track, not the original 1-ply track
-Sno-Trackers carbides
-Powered GPS mount
-Factory heated seat kit
-Stock rear plastic trunk as well as oversized plastic trunk
-Hypersports head studs
-Hypersports trail tune
-Sandale magnaflow muffler
-STM mount
-Next Stage Guage reflash
-Fox Float Evol upgraded shocks
-Heated Seat kit installed
-ice scratchers
-primary clutch trued/balanced & shimmed, replaced within last few years.
-Hand guards



1 - 4 of 4 Posts