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Tamaqua, PA
Well the time has come to sell my baby. It wasn’t really ridden much or at all the past season, and with building a house and getting married now is the time.

The sled is In great shape, I purchased it and went through everything to know it would be reliable on the trail. I went through the process of trail converting it ( large tank, oil injection, carb work, Ecu mapping, dash mounted choke, gauges ) I refreshed the motor just to be precautionary, I added a new 1.7 track since I wasn’t a fan of studs ( studded goes with it ), trackshaft and jackshaft bearings were replaced and idlers were replaced and added as well. The carbs had a holzman tempaflow installed to deal with jetting and temp changes, it really woke this sled up, not that it wasn’t crazy before. I put maybe 500ish miles on it while in my possession.

Other odds and ends that go with. Spare Y pipe, spare belly pans, track, trailering cover, race dept service book ( tells you how to do literally everything on the machine), tunnel bag, all new in packaging air box Prefilters.

I know I’m missing other stuff, I’m asking $4500obo, and I can help get it somewhere to the best of my abilities. Now for the mileage, I’m not sure the exact number as it’s been a year or 2. I know it’s mid 2000’s, I could put fresh fuel in it and get that info for a serious buyer. The machine is PA titled as well.



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