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2003 ZR 900 Heated Carbs.

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From what I know the 2004 ZR 900 came with heated carbs.I have run into a few situations where my carbs have iced up . I am thinking about fabricating some water jacket aluminum blocks that will be attached to the top of carbs.Then plumb them into the cooling system. Hopefully this will warm the entire carb body enough to prevent icing. I have not seen an 04, but I am sure the carbs are cast with coolant passages in them. I can not afford to get new carbs. Anyone have any thoughts or simmilar experiances? :help:
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this sounds wierd but it works. i have a friend that bought two thumb warmers and stuck them to the float bowls. he hooked them up with a toggle and turns them on when needed. suprisingly enough he hasnt had an icing problem since. it might be something to look into.
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