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2001 zr 800 pistons

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My trade in was a 2001 zr800. Last season I got wind of an update on the pistons before cat released the bulletin. My motor was in the shop for a piston under warranty ( rod clip came out and scored the cylinder) and I told the dealer to change the other good piston (at my expense) for peace of mind. Now I get a letter from cat telling me about the piston update for free yet I"ve already paid for this out of my own pocket. My dealer said he would reimburse me for this but the piston kits are on back order. I think he's blowin smoke. Just wondering if anyone else is waiting?
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I dropped my 01zr800 off at the dealer in October, he hoped the kits would be in soon. They ended up coming in the 1st of December, got it back a few days later. I,m sure they were glad to get the sled out of their shop. Still haven't had a chance to ride it, but very happy with the dealer.
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