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Here it goes,

I went with my buddy to trade for his first sled, a 2001 Triple Touring 600. Starts first or second pull, about 10,000km on odo, primary clutch inside face was cracked right through with an absolutely mangled belt on the sled. The seat is also in seriously rough shape. Front bumper damaged as well.

Previous owner claimed new plugs in all 3, fresh oil in chaincase, good to go except the guy at the shop in town says it just needs a new belt.

Well I pointed out it needed a new primary and that we'd be lucky if this thing runs good after.

The way it ran with the mangled belt and primary was as such; I had to give it tons of throttle to get the track moving and everytime I got off the the gas it wouldn't carry any momentum and it would quickly return to needing tons of throttle to get desired forward movement.

Fast forward I took it home, put a new primary on it and a new belt. When I was trying to roll the belt on the secondary I needed another man to jam a screwdriver in the track and pull to get anything from the secondary to the track moving.

Opened chaincase check plug there's nothing in there. No oil I mean.

So what I'm here for is a few questions!

Would you say the driveshaft bearrings are done? I'm probably gonna go in and do jackshaft and driveshaft bearrings and anything in the chaincase if it needs it.

Can I put a zrt seat or any one person seat on this for some tunnel space behind?

What year and models of arctic cats are usable for this 2001? Part specific?

I know its a lot, ill take whatever ya got for me haha thanks!
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