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2000 ZL 500 EFI

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My ZL has very few miles on it due to lack of snow here in WI. My 2002 Pantera 600 EFI calls for a 100-1 mix for break-in. The manual for the ZL EFI states engine damage will occur if mix (100-1) gas is used during break-in. I find it odd that the same basic engine on the 2 sleds has such a difference in break-in fuel. I feel more comfortable using the 100-1 mix during break-in.

What is your recommendation?

Thanks !!!
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For the 2000 don't use pre-mix, follow the manual. I have a 2000 ZR EFI. Cat changed something in 01 or 02 that requires the use of pre-mix in EFI sleds for the break in period.
I would check with your local dealer, however when I got my 01 zr 500 efi it had the tag on the gas tank saying to premix but the dealer said not to. In the manual it says not to use pre mix for efi's. I did not use premix and have not had any problems.
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