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spent some time going over the sled today. Have several more questions....
7600 mi and 105 psi in both cylinders cold. what do you think about that #? still rideable?

was told power valves were last cleaned one year ago. pulled one side, found it to be clean, didn't even bother pulling the other.

ran the sled some as well. great out of the hole, seems to miss, or more like it just runs flat, through the mid range, and rebounds with plenty of power on top. what could cause this? dirty carbs, non sync'd carbs, stuck choke plunger?

will most likely yank and clean carbs sunday.
tried spraying carb cleaner by the crank seal and couldn't get the rpm's to jump!!!! also no oil residue near the seal. Seal must be holding up?

i also found there's alot of play in the drive clutch. side to side is tight, no wobble. but if rotated back and forth, there seems to be a lot of play. (way more than my bro's same year 600) the rotor seems to turn 1/1 with the clutch, but the clutch can be rotated quite a ways back and forth before the track wants to turn. definitely moves without resistance from the chain case.
adjusted chain tension today. my only thought is that if the chain was able to skip a tooth earlier in life on the back side of the case, i would always be off one tooth etc... because the tensioner is on the front side. any thoughts here? would like to stay away from pulling the chain case cover ( i have never messed with a sled that has this reverse style)

thanks again everyone!
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