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200 miles in the UP, no probs

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I went to Calumet Michingan on Jan 3rd and 4th and rode 200 miles on my F7. I already had 175 trouble free miles. No problems again, just the snow flap getting sucked in all the time.. Trails around Calumet were kind of rough, but to the north they were grooming all the way to Copper Harbor. I raced a REV 600, ZR600, XC700 and an SRX. Whipped the rev, ZR really bad.. Pulled the XC 700 pretty bad too.. The SRX was somewhat closer, and it hardly sounded stock.. Top speed I saw on a rather small lake (Lac La Belle) was 109 and climbing before I had to slow.
The suspension was great, the handling was very very good. I had some issues with the stock carbides the first ride. It didn't seem like it wanted to turn. I slapped a set of C&A Pro Race skis on it with 6 inch bottomlines... Man..... Night and day. It is now VERY planted in the front end.
Overall I was very impressed with the F7!
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My buddy has C&A's with 6 inch carbides also and likes them. I'm using 10 inch carbides on my stock skis and like those. Both of us have f7's with 156 studs.
I have heard a lot about after market skis, do you all recommend them, and if so, what kind?

All I can say is that I love the way my F7 performs with the C&A pros. I would highly recommend them.
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