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Come home tonight and turned on channel 5 weather and Dave Dahl says S. E. MN may get 1-3" Sat. oh my god its going to be a blizzard!

I run to the garage to get the FCat ready go to grab my manual and realize nobody uses the manual so I used it one night the wife was feeling fisty to start a fire in the fireplace and then she reminds me we have no fireplace so I call the fire department but thats anouther story back to the garage.

I remember seeing on HCS that you should break them in the way you'll ride them so I throw her up on a jack stand and wind her up to about 11,000 (the tach is off because of the backwards coil) and wouldn't you know it the pto side piston cold siezes, the two front skid bolts fall out and the slid end caps come of piercing the track shreding it to bits.

Damn the FCats done for. Well you know what they say"They shoot horses don't they" so I pull out my 357 Magnum and fire a round into her and the bullet hits the mag side head and ricochets off and hits and kills my house cat.

You know if we don't get some snow soon here in S.E. Minny I might turn out to be one hell of a fiction writer.
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