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1st ride (130 miles)

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Facts: 03' F7 Sno-Pro
1. Installed V-Force III reeds
2. Installed a Dakota Performance Clutch Kit
3. Installed 96 studs
4. Installed 8" carbides up front
5. Coupling block set at 2
6. Limiter strap factory set
7. Rear skid shock factory set
8. Turned the front ski pressure up (approx 1" down)
9. Installed floor board traction
10. Ran in Ethanol mode because GLS said to for extra protection with V-Force Reeds

Rode yhe UP this weekend, conditions were excellent, there was about 2' of snow and the trails were groomed perfectly. We did run into one section that wasn't groomed and that wasn't fun but it didn't deter from a great weekend overall.

First and foremost the engine is sweet - I felt that it was very fast and as the miles became more and more she tightented up and found more umph. There is nothing I can say bad about the engine! It pulls very hard out of the hole and I had it up to about 90mph a few times before I let go of the throttle. I rode with a fellow that had a bran new Polaris SKS700 - and it was not really a fair race - that's all I have to say. However the Polaris is a really nice machine, great overall package - just point and shoot handling.

At first I thought, boy did I make a huge mistake! The inside ski lifted every corner and it was handling like a 1997 Ski-Doo MXZ. Now coming from a 2001 MXZ 800 - I'm thinking the handling on this thing is so bad that if I can't improve upon it dramaticaly (a TON) I'll sell the thing and buy a REV. :angry: Pulled over and adjusted the ski pressure and tried a different riding style---???? Instead of sitting all the way back and leaning out, I moved just slightly foward, and at each turn I would pull my self towards the front or windshield, right or left depending on turn. What I noticed was a dramatic improvement in handling and I didn't have to lean out as much as I used to on the DOO. I will adjust the strap to the second position and leave the coupling blocks in #2. Even though the ski's were lifting like nobody's business, I figure the second hole in the strap will improve it as well as help my handling.

Great sled, no problems. Now, for the negativism - The evening portion of this machine is by far worse than a 1970 whatever! Who the hell designed and engineered the absolute least amount of output for your gauge that you can't even read it! IT SUCKS PERIOD! I had the opportunity to come across 4 RX-1's, one of those at night (I needed directions while on the trail) - Holy Shit now that is output, it's like a 75 watt light bulb shining on the rider, it's that bright. The headlamps are weak too, especialy compared to the RX-1. I'm definetly going to look into this problem, hopefully there is a resolution. Also, this thing needs sometype of extra storage (saddle bag, handlebar bag), there is no where to put anything. Don't try to pull those plugs on the trail without mechanics gloves on you'll fry your hands bad. I finally did pull the plugs at home (after I pull the Fricking pipe off, cause I could not get the leverage otherwise), they were pitch black - which tells me I can run in regular mode from here on out.
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