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Scored a 99 with 3,200 miles on it. Needs a little TLC. Been hit or miss on searching with this new layout. I have recorded as much info. as site will push out. Mostly from pockets. Some of it varies. Here is what I am thinking. I think Hot Seat is out of business, so will got with Polaris I guess.

19/43 Gearing. (will I need a new chain)
310 Main Jets (want to set at -20F)
Stock Needle in position 2.5
Air Screw 2 Turns
R8 Helix
Silver Blue Secondary Spring. P3. 42# - 75#
Almond Red Primary Spring 165-310
S47H Weights

So I have gas coming out carb. vents, going to have to resolve that. I see I should vent those to airbox. What year airbox do I grab parts off to vent to airbox. If I add a TempaFlow do I still need to vent carb's to airbox.

The stock Blue EV springs. Should I go to White?

What Belt. It lists 3211074, but I see a recommendation of a 3211080.

Would a Boost Bottle help?

Let me now if I am on the right track. Thanks.
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