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Hello all,

I am new to ski-doo. Have been riding a 95 polaris the past two years. I am looking at the possible purchase of a '99 formula III 700. I am not partial to any one particular brand, I simply look for the best value for the money. For comparison's in the my budget range I feel the ski-doo has an edge over some of the others especially for its suspension travel, noted reliability for this year engine (over the 97 and 98) and clean looks.

I am hoping some experienced members can share some thoughts and experiences on this model and year. I ride mostly flat open fields, trails and ditches to get there but Im not a ditch banger per say.

I have been contemplating the purchase of one with about 4000km, excellent condition, reverse, electric start about 3400 canadian - private sale. Not sure if this is a good deal or not. Seems a little steep but appears to be roughly the going market value for these sleds, even at this time of year.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed as I am not real versed on Ski-Doo's. Would I maybe be better waiting another month or so for more selection to become available?

Thank you.
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