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1999 500 xcsp

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Just picked up the sled, previous owner put on hot seat boost bottle and dropped two sizes on mains. should I be worried with this set-up or leave it, sleds got 1500 miles and he had no trouble with it, did mods to clean up bottom end/throttle response. should I be concerned in cold temps?? Thinking of putting it back to stock form, any suggestions?? Thanks.
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I still have a hard time figuring why people install boost bottles on this motor....I guess they think they know more than the manufacture....if thats really the case, its time to pick another sled brand. From all I've seen and heard on boost bottles is sooner or later they leak creating bigger problems like burn downs...its your choice if you think its really a benefit to have one, or chuck it.
Does anyone have a carb set-up for trails, I am going to put back to stock. Or does the stock jetting work fine??
Anyone?? Bueler, Bueler....anyone with suggestions?
If he dropped 2 jet sizes from factory then I would say you are still safe, if you are riding the same area. You can always go back up to the factory jets settings, it won't hurt any. You can always do runs with the sled and check spark plug color, should be nice golden brown. As long as you don't see white you are good. As for the bost bottle thake it off and check for cracks on the boots, dont want to pop a piston.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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