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hi, i am complete newby to snowmobiles. a relative dropped off a mini skidoo as an extended loaner for my kids this christmas. it has not run in several years and they can't recall much about it's service history.

I am looking for some direction on how to service this thing and where i can get a service manual or an online link to decent directions. the local dealer told me it would be 6 weeks before he could look at it and he didn't have any kind of a manual he could sell me.

i look after outboards and my own vehicles but on a skidoo I don't know what to lube on the chassis or how to adjust the belt and i would like help understanding how the clutch works on this thing and how to adjust it.

here is what i can tell you

the chassis plate says 1998 and everything i can find online says it is a 4 stroke so i have used straight gas.

the fuel tank was drained when i got it. with fresh gas it will not start with the choke engaged, but it started fairly easily once I held the throttle on full and had the choke disengaged. it needs gas for about 30 seconds and then it will idle steady for about 30 seconds if you let it idle. i want to pull and clean it, but not clear if I will need a rebuild kit and what the correct adjustments would be...

the oil sump is full of heavy gooey but clean looking oil. what weight should it have?

the clutch does not engage evenly. in fact i am not even totally sure how it is supposed to work. I can start it without engaging the clutch at all and each time you give it gas it will begin to move at different random rpm above idle. pulling the clutch lever in seems to engage the clutch and stop it. it does not engage consistently at a given rpm and it will not engage at all on a small hill (i checked and the belt is loose but is not slipping). it also made a nasty burning clutch plate smell a couple of times.
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