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1050 polaris triple. I'm not an expert on these motors, I'll do my best to explain and field any questions anyone has.

Crank shop ported Non VES cylinders
Hot Seat Head - Race Gas Domes- New domes are available from Hot Seat
Crank Shop pipes and stingers
Keihin Carbs
I'm not sure of the cases or crank.

Compression tested at 160-158-160

I believe the ignition is from a 96 Ultra. I've been running Pre-Mix C14. Runs great. Pipes fit a wedge chasis.

I'm looking to get $4000 for the complete sled. Sled has camoplast drag track, studs, good ski's, asphalt skis and asphalt slick. Nice clean chasis.

PM / Email me for pics and videos.
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